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Performance, reliability, and agility in a cost-effective global infrastructure

"We're running one of the world's largest single global instances of SAP ERP on Windows. We've created a much more agile, cost-effective infrastructure that combines the performance and reliability of our previous mainframe platform."

–Bob Elward, Director, Client/Server Engineering, Global IT Infrastructure Services

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HP is simply the #1 SAP vendor in the world 

With more than 60,000 SAP installations worldwide and 22,000 customers, HP has garnered nearly 50% of the market for SAP installations. By selecting HP as your SAP platform, you can capitalize on our 19-year alliance with SAP and more than 5,000 HP Services SAP experts operating in

more than 170 countries. SAP running on HP Integrity will enable you to simply run your business better. With better visibility into your business operations, you can improve performance and increase employee productivity.

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Simplify and speed transition with Integrity Reference Configurations for SAP  

With HP's new Integrity Reference Configurations for SAP, we simplify and speed the transition from your existing environment enabling you to take the first step in readying your infrastructure SAP ERP 6.0.  

The Integrity Reference Configurations for SAP, were designed based on years of SAP sizing and implementation experience. Each incorporates unique HP software capabilities such as HP Serviceguard Extensions for SAP, which provides increased security, availability and virtualization for your SAP infrastructure. These configurations are appropriate for implementations ranging from 300 to 1800 users and are designed to meet mission-citical ERP requirements. 

By leveraging HP's new services for SAP you can secure your enterprise's future with a stable infrastructure during and after your move to SAP ERP 6.0. 

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The Integrity Advantage 

In this new era of Business Technology, technology is more than important—it is business critical.

To be successful—and achieve better business outcomes—there needs to be a complete alignment of IT with the business. Our customers are looking for opportunities to accelerate business growth, lower cost, and mitigate risk. This is where HP Integrity systems come in.

  • Integrity is the most trusted brand for scalable, mission-critical operations and is trusted now by more than 60% of the Fortune 100.
  • Integrity handles some of the largest instances of SAP, Oracle, data warehouses, and other critical applications.
  • Integrity offers the broadest customer choice: multi-OS, standards-based platform, breadth of product line, and 145,000 solution partners worldwide.
  • 69,000 global HP Services personnel are available to support Integrity installations.
  • HP Integrity technology always delivers—always virtualized, always scalable, always available.
  • The future belongs to Integrity, as illustrated by: a solid Itanium processor roadmap (PDF, 41KB); a strong commitment to blade servers automation, security, and R&D; collaborative partnerships; and application momentum with more than 13,000 applications available on the platform.

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SAP and Integrity

SAP has been a strong supporter of the HP Integrity systems  platform from the outset and has ensured that all SAP applications are available on the Integrity platform. By consolidating many SAP application servers into fewer, more powerful HP Integrity systems, you can decrease support contract costs, administrative effort, and overall cost of operations. With scalability of up to 128 processors, multi-OS capabilities, a complete partitioning continuum, workload management, and a sophisticated virtualization environment, HP Integrity servers support SAP consolidation affordably. HP Integrity systems provide the highest levels of usable I/O, memory, and system bandwidth of any industry standard system in the marketplace today. Many of our HP Integrity customers are even consolidating their SAP ERP and business warehouse database applications into a single instance, on a single server, in a single partition.

SAP ERP 6.0 running on HP Integrity provides:

» Better availability and performance across operating systems
» Quick and safe transition to SAP ERP 6.0 from your current platform
» Improve IT operational efficiency and resource utilization

HP Integrity servers provide:

  • More computing power and storage capacity needed to meet the higher performance needs and growing data volume for SAP ERP 6.0.
  • Unique software IP for SAP environments that provide continuous availability and virtualization for maximum utilization and optimization.
  • Ability to effectively distribute workloads across servers and storage to relieve stressed resources and maximize underutilized resources.
  • Industry leading price/performance and the ability to get the most out of your investment in SAP software for your organization.

HP Partners provide HP developed upgrade services for SAP to assist customers during the transition of their R/3 based SAP.

Better availability and performance across operating systems

  • HP can deliver continuous SAP availability with Serviceguard extensions for SAP.
» Read Pirelli’s story (PDF, 300KB)
  • You can conduct rolling upgrades and isolate faults without bringing down the entire system.
  • Industry-leading disaster tolerance is available for all operating systems.
  • HP Integrity servers beat competitor’s performance in real-world benchmarks.
» Review SAP on Integrity benchmarks
  • Some of the world’s largest SAP installations run on HP Integrity.
HP Integrity servers offer unmatched multi-OS capabilities and superior choice based on industry standard servers:

» HP-UX 11i v3
» Windows
» Linux
» OpenVMS

Quick, risk-free transition to SAP ERP 6.0 from your current environment    

During a transition our goal is business continuity before, during, and after the migration. Our assessment services are designed based on past experience and proven methodologies and tools. However, we offer the flexibility to allow you to transition the way you want: choice of operating system/multi-OS, choice of partner, choice of services. We provide thorough up-front testing for stability and performance to ensure desired results. A breadth of financing options enables your enterprise to move forward when it is best for the business.

HP Integrity servers are designed with increased performance and enhanced availability at a lower cost of ownership and are ready to deliver the performance needed for SAP ERP 6.0. With HP's new Integrity Reference Configurations for SAP, we simplify and speed the transition from your existing environment enabling you to take the first step in readying your infrastructure for SAP ERP 6.0. 

Use the Reference Configurations to make your infrastructure SAP ERP 6.0 ready. Take advantage of new capabilities for finance, human capital management, sales, procurement, and other key enterprise functions. With the new Unicode features of SAP ERP 6.0 you’ll be ready to operate in any language. Whatever part of the business you're responsible for, you'll be ready for a whole new generation of business tools that can integrate processes across business units and connect the enterprise more efficiently. This all means better relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

More than 5,000 HP Services professionals, offering full SAP lifecycle and upgrade services are available to you:

  • HP Upgrade Factory for SAP ERP 6.0 that leverages HP Services Global Delivery and offers a fast, low-risk, cost-effective way to upgrade.
  • HP Applications Outsourcing for SAP that provides new levels of automation and optimization for managing outsourced SAP environments.
  • HP-SAP R3 Assessment Services that takes a structured approach to evaluating mid-market companies’ current environment.

Improve IT operational efficiency and resource utilization

SAP on Integrity offers numerous opportunities to improve the efficiency of your IT operations and control cost. Productivity gains can be realized by unifying the management of your heterogeneous SAP infrastructure, automating manual tasks, and leveraging virtualization to improve resource utilization. Maximize uptime and minimize planned downtime to keep your business running with predictability. You will conserve your IT budget and avoid support maintenance when you upgrade and consolidate your SAP infrastructure.

  • You can deploy entire SAP stacks on HP Integrity servers quickly and safely using HP-UX.
  • Application stacking saves resources for the largest and smallest SAP environments.
  • Virtualization tools are integrated and automatic.
  • You don’t need multiple boxes to run SAP instances running on different operating systems.
» Read West Siberian Steel’s story (PDF, 223KB)
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