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HP & Cisco - Sony Europe - video transcript


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Their name and innovative products are among the most recognized and admired in the world.  But as Sony Europe began to face increasing competition and customer demand for services, they turned to the experts at HP Services and Cisco Systems.

Matthew Lang:
For Sony the key to all this is the customer experience, providing world-class, best-in-class, excellent customer experience. The benefits received from the Cisco/HP solution is clearly that it gives us an added value in customer satisfaction.

Sony consolidated their European Call Center strategy, creating state of the art, integrated Customer Contact Centers based on IP Call Center technology.  Built by the experts at HP Services, the solution supports Sony Europe’s vision of world class customer satisfaction providing one voice to the customer.

Matthew Lang:
For Sony it’s all about customer intimacy and the technology and infrastructure we’re working with now from HP and Cisco gives us the possibility to combine telephony with internet access, e-mail access – all of the media blending.  And basically to have the complete view of how and when the customer has contacted us.

Ludovic Lamouroux:
The solution will bring all this Call Centering to one virtual environment which will serve customer in one single way and with one single process.

Kris De Pauw:
This IPC solution will allow us to fully connect all Contact Centers for Europe and really go to the customer as one voice.

The virtual environment that HP and Cisco provide features intelligent call routing based on call volumes and agent availability and expertise.  It also supports interactive voice response and computer telephony integration – or CTI.  These multimedia Contact Centers will allow customers to contact Sony Europe through multiple channels – including voice, e-mail, web or text chat.

Stephane Lissillour:
CTI will bring a lot of things to the customer.  It is not only for saving 15 seconds, 20 seconds on a call, which is important in terms of cost and in terms of customer satisfaction as well.  But for customer, being able to be identified as a customer with his own experience and with his own history is giving a major plus.

So it’s improving customer satisfaction, reduction of the conversation time, which means a reduction of the cost to us.

Sony Europe is also reducing costs with a new converged IP network and phones.  Having a single voice and data network lowers ongoing management costs.

Fabien Anastasiadis:
With a new converged network it is easier for us to move people from one floor to another.  We just need to plug the phones on the network and they are up and running with the same extension names, etc…the same directory list.  So it’s really easier for us to manage.

If you actually work on the floor today you won’t be able to notice that it’s running on IP.  There is no difference for an end-user.  There is no difference for a Call Center Agent at the moment to notice that it’s running on IP technology, which is probably one of the most important aspects of that.

With a robust, resilient infrastructure in place that’s easy to manage, HP and Cisco are providing Sony with an integrating solution that allows Sony to concentrate on their core business.

Laurent Pellet:
Our core business is consumer electronics.  However we have defined as well as part of our strategy to enhance CRM activities and customer service.  In that sense we need HP and Cisco to provide us with the technological aspect and the solutions to achieve the goal that we have defined in terms of Sony CRM strategies.

For the success of this project it was really important to have a strong partnership, first of all between HP and Sony and HP/Cisco. I’ve been impressed with the agility of Cisco to respond to the business challenges that are very specific to Sony.  And they’ve shown us very well how we can adapt the technology and infrastructure to respond to the challenges that we are facing. One of the most important values that HP is adding to the solution is that it’s not only a company that brought and built a solution and went away.  It’s a company that helped to design the solution, lead the implementation and is actually doing the after solution, which is the support hand-in-hand with the Sony IS teams. In order to adapt to this changing environment we need to have a scalable, flexible environment.  The solution which HP and Cisco brought along is giving us this functionality and is giving potential for the future growth.

Laurent Pellet:
HP has been always too committed to Sony and to this project.  And we hope in the future we will have the same or even better support from the HP team.

It’s very crucial to Sony that we continue this relationship with HP and Cisco and that we continue to develop the infrastructure and the technology that allows us to provide the best-in-class, world class customer experience for Sony customers.

As they move into the future, Sony Europe is on the leading edge of customer satisfaction thanks to the innovative technology, superior expertise and strong partnership of HP and Cisco.

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